Resolution from Greensboro City Council

Greensboro City Council Meeting – July 17, 2012

Under the video on the page, click on the drop down menu that says “jump to…” and click #5.

Councilmember Kee and Mayor Pro-Tem Johnson introduced and read into the record a resolution honoring the memory of the late Nettie L. Coad.

Councilmember Bellamy-Small moved adoption of the resolution. The motion was seconded by Councilmember Matheny; the resolution was adopted on the following roll call vote: Ayes: Abuzuaiter, Bellamy-Small, Hoffmann, Johnson, Kee, Matheny, Perkins, Vaughan and Wade. Noes: None.

Councilmember Bellamy-Small presented the resolution to the family; and Mayor Perkins spoke to Ms. Coad’s dedication to community service.


WHEREAS, on April 10, 2012, this community lost one of its outstanding community leaders with the death of the late Nettie L. Coad;

WHEREAS, Coad, a native of Anderson, South Carolina, was a 1953 graduate of James B. Dudley High School where she remained active on campus and as a member of the National Alumni Association; and furthered her education at Greensboro Technical Community College (GTCC) and The Marin Institute;
WHEREAS, during her twenty-three year career at Sears, Coad started out as a packer in the catalog distribution center and retired as an assistant manager;

WHEREAS, she later became the Executive Director of The Partnership Project where she worked for eighteen years;
WHEREAS, Coad was a founding member of Saint Paul Baptist Church where she served as church secretary, choir member, missionary ward member, scout leader, and most recently on the anniversary planning committee;

WHEREAS, Coad resided near an apartment complex that bears her name; and was instrumental in reviving the Ole Asheboro Neighborhood rallying her community to help itself through her involvement on the Redevelopment Commission, Concerned Citizens of North East Greensboro, and a coalition of business people and Ole Asheboro residents;
WHEREAS, the recipient of many awards, some of the more recent which include National Finalist (w/Susanne Plichik) – Institute for Sustainable Community, Leadership for a Changing World; Sojourner Truth Award – National Association of Negro Business & Professional Women’s Clubs, Inc.; Outstanding Service Award – Moses Cone Wesley Long Community Health Foundation; Annual Heritage Award – Reid Memorial CME Church; The People’s Institute Community Organizing Award; and the Nancy Susan Reynolds Award (shared w/ Suzanne Plichik) – Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation;

WHEREAS, the City Council wishes to express its sense of loss and its sincere appreciation and gratitude for the many years of dedicated public service rendered by Nettie L. Coad the outstanding contributions she has made to the community, and the legacy she leaves.


1. That the City Council hereby expresses, on behalf of the citizens of Greensboro, a deep sense of loss and a feeling of respect and gratitude for the life of Nettie L. Coad.
2. That a copy of this resolution shall be delivered to the family of the late Nettie L. Coad as a symbol of the gratitude of the people of Greensboro for her many contributions to this community.

(Signed) T. Dianne Bellamy-Small

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